JourOff is an HR solution for organization and follow-up of activities.
From individual organization to Project Management...it starts from an observation :

The organization of work consists in planning resources.
And when you plan resources you connect blocks, you generate information.
The objective of our Solution is to optimize this information.

Ex: Laurence belonging to such a service, is assigned to such task, for a particular customer, operating in a particular sector of activity.

By using our Solution the benefit is double. On one side you have a tool for organizing tasks and resource planning, and on the other hand a reporting tool.

Indeed, the planning data accumulated over the past 3 years or the 12 months to come allow you to see the evolution of your activity.
We offer Pie Charts and Curves.


To better understand our management tool, we must stop for a moment on our approach Management of Activities.

Today, when we talk about activity monitoring, we use the activity report to indicate the time spent per activity.
In our case, we go much further ... That's why we're talking about Management of Activities.
To understand our process, the parallel can be done with the management of leave because the Time/Consumption principle is similar.

When a leave balance is presented, the details can be viewed.
Which leave ? What date ? And especially how many days ?
In the management of activities we propose, this is the same principle.
What activity, Internal company or Customer activities ? What date, What customer ? And especially how much time spent on the activity for a given period ?

JourOff is not limited to the simple assignment of time.
Our system is based on the dynamic management of activities which allows:

> Distribution of Internal company activities and Customer activities.
> The Time / Activity decomposition, which allows to visualize the time spent by services, by customers.

Operating mode

Among the tools that make up our HR portal, there is the Timesheet...And in our case the Timesheet is based on the Activities Management System described above.
Our Planning System also relies on this Dynamic Management of Activities, as well as the tool of organization of tasks.

In addition to analysis and tracking, our solution allows to determine the ratio of Planned / Sold Time.
The goal is cost control.

Distribution of activities

Time spent per customer

Tasks organization

We offer you an innovative concept called Workspace.
A Workspace is represented by a Sticky Notes wall, you can create as many as there are working topics.
A Workspace can be private or collaborative.
The proof by example :

I am Mariah CARHAIX, commercial at JourOff
I combine Workspaces with CRM to organize my business.
Right now I have two Workspaces for the following activities :
Workspace Follow up Contacts : which contains my recovery tasks related to business cards that I collect.
Workspace Business Action Plan of the Week : This allows me to have a summary table of all actions on my prospects and customers.
Before I was obliged to navigate prospect by prospect in the CRM...What better than a summary table, in addition I can set priorities, it's top !

I am Stacy BREST of the Marketing Department

My Manager is him
Lately, it's hard to see to make a follow-up point, because Karl runs after time !
I decided to create dedicated Workspaces for my activities with Karl.
At the moment I have created two, the first is called "Trade show in Paris" and the second "Update conditions of sale".
Karl can view them from his desk because I offered him an invitation and he can give me feedback via the thread of comments.

I am Erwan PONTIVY, Geek at JourOff

Here is
Mark TREGASTEL my Project Manager.
Mark has his dashboard, but on my side I also need to organize myself.
Mark used to delegate tasks to me, which I decompose into sub-tasks to highlight the MVC paradigm, in short...a Geek trick !
So I decided to create a Workspace Dev Tasks.
I am led to delegate certain tasks of this Workspace to him

Nolan CROZON, another Geek, but he prefers to be called DevOps.

What would you put in this box ?

1 - Your holiday memories in Paris ?
2 - Your old Walkman ?

At JourOff, you put all that is important to your organization.
This box contains a calendar ... A schedule for planning Activities and Leaves.

This interactive box concept in a web page is titled E-BOX Calendar.
It was invented by JourOff to offer you a unique interface.

The E-BOX Calendar can be used:
> For the management of activities
> For taking leave
> As a resource reservation system. Example: Meeting room, Fleet of vehicles etc.
> To make appointments online, with the possibility of generating a public link.
> As a desktop calendar with a shared agenda. Our system assigns an E-BOX Calendar to each employee / user.
> As a Team Planning Management System

Leave Management

Your employees do not create their leave in a Leave Software.
It's not abstract, it's JourOff !

We offer automated Leave counters via a calendar system called E-BOX Calendar.
It is a multifunctional calendar in the form of an interactive 3D cube, which allows :
> The taking of leave
> And other calendar events

Your paid leave and others ... are now going through a box.

Thanks to the E-BOX Calendar, there is no need to go back and forth between the Leave software and the activities schedule.
Everything is in the same calendar system, while ensuring the automation of leave counters.

The advantage of this approach is that Team Planning will be done automatically.
There is no longer any question of the overlapping of leave and activities.
When it is taken, it is taken!

The setting of the Leave module is as follows :

> Leave request via the software
> Manager assigned to each employee
> Delegation of validation in the absence of the principal manager
> Setting HR rules, depending on the company
> Days worked, Part-time employees...
> Typical leave settings: paid leave, sick leave, leave for family events
> Other specific leave
> Export Counters Leave to Payroll Software
> Export format customizable to your Payroll software

Discover our offer

Missions management

You are a Services Company ?
The time spent by mission is your raw material ?

You want to master :

> Your most influential customers
> The most important sectors of activity among your customers
> The most requested areas of expertise among your human resources
> By agency, by service ...

Why a dedicated offer "Missions Management" ?

Rather than offering you a general ERP solution, we have put in place an offer that meets the constraints of your ever changing market.
The needs of your customers are evolving, the content of the missions in 2005 is no longer the same as in 2017.

Defending the change of its market is a priority.
The question is not whether or not to do it, but how to do it, and that's why we created JourOff.

Our missions management solution is based on our planning tool. The goal is to plan the mission in time, for a customer, for an activity or service.
Then, at the same time, our Activities Management System allows you to get the most out of the wealth of data generated.

The case of a software publishing company.
Our system will be able to determine for a given period that the activity "Software Development" cost 100 days, 60 days dedicated to customer services and 40 days for internal projects (prototyping, studies, R & D).
And for greater transparency, we propose a detailed analysis.
Thus, you have a customer / activities distribution.
Example over the 60 days:
> Breizhoo Telecom: 15 days
> Bigouden Soft: 45 days

But also the distribution of employees who participated : Designer 20%, Developer Backend 40%, Developer Frontend 40%.

Thanks to our solution, you will have the following benefits :

> Tracking your customers' needs in time
> Anticipating your recruitment strategy
> Anticipating the training needs of your employees
> See the distribution Time / Activity between customers and internal projects
> Monitor the changes in your market to ensure the sustainability of your business

Employee Planning

Project Management

Since Project Management is an old subject, you have probably known tools of worldwide notoriety.
We are JourOff based in Lannion in Bretagne(Fr), here is what we bring in this subject.
The development team will always be motivated to implement a new feature.
Simply, over time, the product becomes a gas plant, with features that remind us that we are technically strong but do not talk to our customers.
That's why JourOff does not focus on the Project, but on the Product...And that's not all !

When the project is realized and Wikipedia is read on the Lean Startup and the MVP, we say ready and yet !
We will fall back into the old scheme which is the Management by the quantity and the turnover :
What income has this product generated ?
Management only focuses on quantity and turnover makes you forget the time spent and the resources involved on the Product. That's why we created JourOff.

In concrete terms, what does that mean ?
Work organization requires resources planning.
And when you plan a resource you create information.
E.g. : The employee belonging to this department is assigned to such a task, at such a date, concerning a customer, operating in a particular sector of activity...
The objective of our Solution is to optimize this information.
This is why we do not do Project Management but Product Management, to give you a broad view of the resources involved.

> The Product has a longer life cycle than the Project.
> In the Product there is the customer and its iterations projects.
> The Project is an angle of view, the Product is several angles of view.
> In the development cycle of a Product, there are the impacts of several services, Marketing, Commercial, R & D and JourOff brings you this visibility.

Indeed, we offer workspaces to allow each department or employee to create tasks related to the Product.
JourOff will concentrate all this information in the context of the Customer.

Agile Project

Our Solution allows you to manage your projects according to SCRUM precepts.
Above the Product Backlog we add a layer to control the time and resources involved.
Therefore, regardless of the number of Sprints or Products attached to the Customer, the Product Owner will be able to capture the overall time and resources allocated.

If you want to integrate the taking of Leave into the work organization, the solution also exists in JourOff.
You are not a fan of Leave...OK !
You are not the only Manager in this case.
In the following paragraph, we talk about Achievement, Participants, Customers and Deadlines.

Implementation Side

Manager Side

Technical characteristics

> Our solution offers you the possibility to manage several Backlog Products by Customer context.

> The progress of tasks on the Sprint side influences the color codes status of the User Stories on the Product Backlog side.
As a result, the Product Owner has a global vision to effectively manage the relationship with the Customer.

We go even further

Our Solution allows organization on an individual and collective level.
The Scrum Master split the tasks and Tom the developer can organize his work to optimize his time and prioritize.

A team organization is a value chain.
If Tom the developer has prioritized tasks with higher added value, the Scrum Master will become more efficient.
For example, Tom has been assigned the User Story Server Configuration. He chose at his level to decompose it into sub-tasks :
1 - Network settings
2 - Installation tools
3 - Create user accounts

Today, the organization focuses on the Scrum Board.
JourOff maintains this fundamental principle, and at the same time, offers Tom the ability to create workspaces to organize his activity.

The aim is to structure information, enrich it and share it.
Tom can also make others collaborate on his workspaces.

Suppose that for task (1), Tom needs to delegate to Pat from the Support and Network service.
From his private Workspace, Tom has the ability to delegate task (1) to Pat. Tom's Workspace becomes collaborative and contains two participants : Tom & Pat...
Pat ignores the constraints of the Scrum Board to which Tom depends...This is where in real life Project Management is not a simple matter.
At all times there is an equation to solve which is : Value, Time, Priorization and in Priorization, there is Anticipation.
This is valid for the Scrum Master, it's also valid for Tom.

Always Further

You have made the agile, the customer is delivered, the story stops there...At JourOff the story does not end there.
When you do the Agile method, you generate information.
Today from one Sprint to another, this information is put to the trash...Waste is not good !
This information, accumulated over the past 3 years or over the next 12 months, gives you information on the evolution of your activity over time : Customers, Types of Missions, Employees Profiles.
Technologies are evolving at a pace where market changes do not leave much room for improvisation, either you are in the race, or it is your competitor who will be in the race.

You take care of nothing, JourOff takes care of everything and offers you Pie Charts and Curves in order to make a detailed analysis.
JourOff is the only Project Management software on the market that has an Analytical Tool dimension. See Management Time / Activity

Why use our Solution ?

The advantages to use our solution are :

A - On the Project Management plan :
We integrate a Customer and Reporting dimension.
You visualize how the relationship with the Customer evolves in terms of time, resources and costs incurred.

B - On the collaborative tool :
Our Workspace concept is adaptable to all situations :
1- Each employee can use it for their individual organization.
For example to organize its activities of the week.
2- The works council to organize the barbecue of the end of the year (there are probably tasks to be delegated).
3- The Marketing Department to organize the next trade show in Paris.
4- The R&D department for Project Management with Agile Method if necessary.

If you do not want to be different, do not click the next button.

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