JourOff is HR software that allows the automation of leave counters and the organization of the activity.
It meets the needs of the employee :
- who can consult balance and submit leave request
- has a collaborative space for organizing tasks
And the needs of the manager who has a greater visibility of the activity, and he can monitor progress.

1. Leave Management

Your employees do not create their leave in a Leave Software.
It's not abstract, it's JourOff !

We offer automation of Leave counters via a calendar system called E-BOX Calendar.
It is a multi-function calendar in the form of an interactive 3D cube (see logo JourOff), which allows:
> Leave Management
> Scheduling appointments
> And other calendar events

Thanks to the E-BOX Calendar, there is no need to go back and forth between the leave software and the activity schedule.
Everything is in the same calendar, while ensuring the automation of leave counters.

The advantage of this approach is that Team Planning will be done automatically.

There is no longer any question of the overlapping of leave and activities.
When it is taken, it is taken!

Your current calendar (Outlook, Google calendar) synchronize with the E-BOX Calendar.

2. Activity monitoring

JourOff is a collaborative portal that allows the organization of the activity over time, individually or collectively.
To illustrate, we propose a wall of sticky notes.

Our solution answers the following 4 questions:
- Who does what ?
- For which customer ?
- What does the customer expect ?
- For how long ?

Does this make you think of your favorite task organization tool ? There is no harm ...
Now we invite you to discover JourOff and here is what will change :

- Tasks have statuses with color codes : not started, in progress, finished
- Time planning (navigation week by week, month by month)
- Individual planning (my work subjects)
- Mass planning (tasks delegated to colleagues)
- If you want another angle of view, you can switch to the Planning and Shared Schedules view, and you are still in JourOff.

Team management needs to integrate the technical and HR constraints, so JourOff goes even further:

> The workspace manages the HR constraints : leave, part-time employees, the employee geographic site.

Since we also need to manage customer satisfaction :
> The workspace can relate to the internal activities of the company or the customers activities.

And there is a conductor in all this:

The Manager

Manager side

Since the labour law imposes to measure the time of Leave, in JourOff we also measure the time of activity.

Whatever your activity sector, we offer you 3 tools to estimate the time spent on activities :

> Planning
> Time Sheets
> Task Organization Space.

Illustration : I spent 10H on the Dupont customer file, and for the same activity I spent 15H for the Durand customer.

There are lessons to be learned, there are potentially hidden costs.
JourOff will allow you to materialize the time spent.

The manager has a global vision on the evolution of the activity.

He controls the time and resources involved for each activity, per employee and per department.

Whether through the Planning, time sheets or Workspaces, we offer you the possibility of having reporting for internal company activities or activities related to your B2B customers.


Your planning data gives you a snapshot of your activity.

We highlight your planning data AND calendar events, as shown in the synthesis table below.

Month by month, week by week, you control how your business evolves


Since the time converted into gross salary is expensive. Organizing and measuring time are our priorities.

Leave Automation

The system automatically credits the Leave entitlements according to the HR setting set up. Then a count is made according to the consumption.

Team Planning

You manage your team planning flexibly. Our system is based on a multi-function calendar that allows to synthesize Leave and tasks.


We offer you a collaborative space of delegation and follow-up of tasks. You manage the status of your tasks, comments and notifications.


JourOff is structured in two parts

1. Organization of the activity




2. Management

Synthesis table


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