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JOUROFF is a web-based scheduling and tracking software adaptable to all areas of activity.
We manage both working time and time tracking by activity or project.

Our fully scalable and adaptable solution is on the one hand an offer of HR Management :
Expense Report
Leave Management

And an intuitive time tracking system that offers the following indicators : Consumed, Remains to be done, Cost, Capacity Planning...

Time Management Software

An adaptable time and activity management tool.
Our time management tool can be applied in the following cases :

Management of working time
Planning and monitoring of activities
Load plan management
Project Portfolio Management and Monitoring

Calculation of hours of work and overtime

We offer a time management software that allows the calculation of overtime, while feeding a counter for the rest composing or overtime pay.

You manage the calculation of hours through the timesheet and activities or in the form of a direct declaration of overtime.

The most (+++) of JOUROFF:
Validation Process at a Weekly or Monthly Frequency
The Employee can save in draft mode to fill in his time sheet as and when
The calculation of the hours is completely automated
Synchronization between activity planning and work time calculation

Learn more about calculating and managing overtime

Project Portfolio and Load Plan

The real challenge in project management is to reach objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.
We offer Project Portfolio Management Software for resource planning, activity time tracking and capacity planning.

Features available in our planning tool :

Track time spent
Project progress monitoring...thanks to pre-built project monitoring indicators (Project KPI)
Capacity Planning and project staffing
Budget Tracking Indicators : Cost, Sales Price, Gross Margin

Planning Management Software

Discover the most powerful planning management software of its generation.
You will be able to do without your planning excel.

Our online planning management tool allows resource planning and activity monitoring, both as a work time management schedule and project or activity monitoring.
You visualize in real time the scheduled work time and overtime of employees, optionally.

Leave Management Software

A leave management software that adapts to your needs.
When set up, the manager can set the HR management rules of the company.

Working time and employee files
Setting counting Part-time employees
Management of paid leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, Unpaid leave
Export of leave balance to Payroll software
Schedule holidays

Task Management Software

Project deadlines and budget constraints means having a powerful project tool.
JOUROFF offers three project management tools.

(1) The project portfolio :
Load plan management
Project Estimate and Performance Indicators (time spent, rest to be done, gap...)

(2) Task Management :
Scheduling Tasks
Progress status
Gantt chart

(3) The capacity planning :
Overview of your resource requirements versus the workload
Reporting time spent by activity and team

JOUROFF offers a Project Management tool through a collaborative space.
Our software is adaptable for the organization of tasks as well as for V-cycle project management or the Agile Scrum method.

Customer Testimonials

"We needed a simple and very intuitive solution to manage the Leave of our research center.
After scouring the Net, we looked at JOUROFF and this solution corresponds exactly to our needs.
In addition, the technical assistance to the deployment is very effective, responding very quickly to our requests for precision on this or that function of the solution.
In short, JOUROFF will very seriously ease our laborious task of recording leave and absences !".

Irene Alvarez, Center for Research on Altitude Ecosystems (CREA Mont-Blanc).
Observatory of Mont Blanc.

"I use JOUROFF for the management of the Leave of our teams : allocation of days of holidays and RTT, planning of the holidays, counting of the possible days of sick leave...
We were looking for a tool to meet the needs of a company of about ten employees, and we found !
JOUROFF has the merit of being complete and relatively easy to use. In short, I highly recommend !".

Margaux Blanc, Cameliatech, Paris.

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