JOUROFF Software

JOUROFF is a web-based time and activity management software adaptable to all areas of activity.
We manage both working time and time tracking by activity or project.

Time management

A time management solution that adapts to your constraints.
JOUROFF allows you to manage the working time of your employees or the time tracking by project.


Automate the process of managing overtime and work schedules.
From the simple declaration of hours to the automatic management of hour recovery counters.

   See annualization follow-up...

Leave & Absences

Simplified leave management. Request for holidays via personal space, including the calculation of leave balance, until the validation of the manager.

   See HRIS software


Greater visibility on the allocation of resources in your company. Planning by geographical site and collaborators view. Previewing overtime.


Report your expense claims with ease. Pre-registration in draft mode, validation Manager, Excel export and mass download of receipts

Activity monitoring

Intuitive time tracking system, as part of the company's internal activities or for project monitoring. Load plan management, calculation of type indicators: Consumed, Remaining, Cost, Capacity Planning.

Time Management Software

An adaptable time and activity management tool.
Our time management tool can be applied in the following cases :

Management of working time
Planning and monitoring of activities
Load plan management
Project Portfolio Management and Monitoring

Calculation of hours of work and overtime

We offer a time management software that allows the calculation of overtime, while feeding a counter for the rest composing or overtime pay.

You manage the calculation of hours through the timesheet and activities or in the form of a direct declaration of overtime.

The most (+++) of JOUROFF:
Validation Process at a Weekly or Monthly Frequency
The Employee can save in draft mode to fill in his time sheet as and when
The calculation of the hours is completely automated
Synchronization between activity planning and work time calculation

Calculating and managing overtime...

Project Portfolio and Load Plan

The real challenge in project management is to reach objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.
We offer Project Portfolio Management Software for resource planning, activity time tracking and capacity planning.

Features available in our planning tool :

Track time spent
Project progress monitoring...thanks to pre-built project monitoring indicators (Project KPI)
Capacity Planning and project staffing
Budget Tracking Indicators : Cost, Sales Price, Gross Margin

Leave Management Software

A leave management software that adapts to your needs.
With the JOUROFF leave tool, automate the holiday management process, starting with the request for absences, the calculation of the leave balance, until the validation of the manager.
When set up, the manager can set the HR management rules of the company.

Features of the JOUROFF leave software

º Working time and employee files
º Setting counting Part-time employees
º Management of paid leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, Unpaid leave
º Export of leave balance to Payroll software
º Schedule holidays

Time and activity management software

The software track time JOUROFF offers an interface that allows the management of working time and activity tracking.
For more efficiency, the JOUROFF time management software allows to freely define the types of activities to manage within your company.
The software proposes the concept of Activities Repository which allows each company to organize the follow-up of activity according to its constraints.

Time and activity management software for working time management

The JOUROFF software offers an intuitive approach to time management and activity monitoring.
The principle is to fill in his schedule or timesheet, and the software automatically feeds an activity tracking board.
Each company is free to extract time-type information per employee, or time per activity.

Activity management software and project monitoring

Rather than multiplying HR tools and time management, the JOUROFF software offers to pool activity monitoring and management of working time.
Companies wishing to track time by project have the possibility to organize activities by portfolio of projects.
Therefore, the JOUROFF time management software provides pre-built indicators of activity monitoring.
These indicators are of the type : estimated load, time spent, remains to be done or indicators of budgetary follow-up.

Planning and Activity Management Software

Thanks to the various activity planning tools, JOUROFF offers a complete solution for time management and activities.
Indeed, the JOUROFF time management software guarantees flexibility to adapt the software to each situation.
Activities planning tools include :

º the planning tool allowing the assignment of activities to each collaborator
º the task organization tool for planning in project management mode
º the task management tool for monitoring the progress of individual tasks
º the capacity planning tool to evaluate the load plan in the project planning

Planning Management Software

Discover the most powerful planning management software of its generation.
You will be able to do without your planning excel.

Our online planning management tool allows resource planning and activity monitoring, both as a work time management schedule and project or activity monitoring.
You visualize in real time the scheduled work time and overtime of employees, optionally.

Task Management Software

As project monitoring software, JOUROFF has developed an adaptable data format, which allows each company to model its activity.

This allows:

to organize information according to their business constraints
to have a dashboard for tracking time by project or activity
master the project budget monitoring indicators

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