JOUROFF is an Analytic HR Software specialized in Time Tracking & Load Plan.

On the one hand, a HR Solution composed of modules:
> Timesheet
> Overtime
> Expense Report
> Leave Management
> Planning
> Delegation and monitoring of tasks

And a planning and Time tracking system called Planning & BI, that allows you to measure time intuitively.
The principle is simple: From my schedule will flow a dashboard activity tracking...No need to code statistical formulas.
See chapter Time management.


Time Management

In terms of Time Management, the JourOff Software offers you several possibilities.

Time tracking and legal working time

> Imputation via timesheet
> Ability to impute in hour or day
> Validation process by the Manager
> Weekly or monthly validation frequency
> Week, monthly and annual reporting

Overtime Management

> Going through the timesheet and following the weekly working time
> Ability to directly report hours to recover

Analytical follow-up and load plan

> Master the time spent by project or by activity
> Creating indicators without coding statistical formulas
> Establish the capacity planning
> Resource occupancy rate
> Management of project portfolios and organization by batch or by customer
> Time Sold, Estimated time, Planned time, Remains to be done, Progress, Differences
> Budget Tracking Indicators : Cost, Sales Price, Gross Margin
> Reporting and summary tables by period, project or customer

We make you benefit from the power of your organizational data.
Simply by relying on your planning tools...No need to code statistical formulas.

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Your Schedule automatically feeds

Thanks to the recurrence of events, for a given period, you have the possibility to set the activities of each employee.

The Software then automatically feeds your Schedule.
The saving of time is of the order of 90%.

Team Planning

Our planning tool gives a general view of the employee's activities, both leave and tasks.
We also offer the possibility to view the schedule of an employee over a full year.

Simplified Leave Management

No more repetitive tasks

With our rules engine, you define your HR constraints, then the Software takes care of the rest.
In parallel we propose the details of all the calculations made.
Your employees will no longer need to solicit you to understand their leave entitlements or time tracking.
Even the most complex cases are managed in an automated way, namely: Part-Time Employees, Flexible Days of Rest etc.

100% Customizable

When set up, the manager can set the HR rules of the company.

> Days worked in the company
> Creation of employee files
> Setting part-time days for some employees
> Typical leave setting: Paid leave, Sick leave, Leave for family events
> Other specific leave
> Export counters discharged to the Payroll software
> Customizable export format based on payroll software used

Project Management

JOUROFF offers a Project Management tool through a collaborative space...Delegation and Task Tracking, real-time notifications, instant messages.
It is also possible to manage your Projects according to Agile Scrum Method .

Why use our Project Management Solution ?

In practice the realization of a task is not linear, of type beginning January 1st, end date January 5th.

We integrate real workload management, through the following parameters :
> Estimated load
> Time consumed
> Remains to be done, this is the key parameter in the progress monitoring.
> Offset, to detect advance or delay
> Percentage of progress
> Gantt chart
You capture weak signals at each critical resource, namely : the task, the Participant, or at the Project level, globally.

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Customer Testimonials

"We needed a simple and very intuitive solution to manage the Leave of our research center.
After scouring the Net, we looked at JOUROFF and this solution corresponds exactly to our needs.
In addition, the technical assistance to the deployment is very effective, responding very quickly to our requests for precision on this or that function of the solution.
In short, JOUROFF will very seriously ease our laborious task of recording leave and absences !".

Irene Alvarez, Center for Research on Altitude Ecosystems (CREA Mont-Blanc).
Observatory of Mont Blanc.

"I use JOUROFF for the management of the Leave of our teams : allocation of days of holidays and RTT, planning of the holidays, counting of the possible days of sick leave...
We were looking for a tool to meet the needs of a company of about ten employees, and we found !
JOUROFF has the merit of being complete and relatively easy to use. In short, I highly recommend !".

Margaux Blanc, Cameliatech, Paris.

They trust us



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