Hours of Work Worksheet

A free, adaptable and modular online timesheet...

º Are you an HR manager or an employee ?
º Do you want to add the working hours ?
º Does your manager ask you to periodically submit a work schedule ?
º Need a spreadsheet of hours worked by date and by activity ?

This free hours sheet is a calculator to estimate your weekly or monthly working time.

A multi-option timesheet

The calculation of working hours involves management rules which are variable by company.
This working time calculator offers you several options, among which :
The possibility of calculating the hours following the start time and the end time
The accumulation of hours over a day
the split of the day to indicate several activities with different time slots
the weekly or monthly timetable sheet
Preview of working hours and PDF export

Weekly working hours sheet

Depending on the case, the working hours calculator allows you to fill in a weekly hours sheet, with the possibility to freely choose the number of the target week.

Monthly working hours sheet

If you want to calculate hours for the entire month, the calculator provides navigation through the different months of the year.
Thanks to these options for choosing the period, this tool for calculating working hours adapts to several situations...Whether it is for a simple addition of the hours worked or as part of an advanced use to calculate work time.

Does the working hours calculator replace the excel hours sheet ?

The objective of this online working time calculator is to make your task easier by offering you a calendar system, in addition to the addition of hours.
Indeed, the use of an excel timesheet requires to manually define the dates belonging to a week...This becomes even more complex when it is necessary to calculate the hours worked over the entire month.
The hour accounting system allows you to calculate hourly totals line by line, by date, by week or by month.
You save time and efficiency compared to an excel hours sheet.

Project time counter

This timesheet tool offers the notion of activities.
An activity can represent a project...In this context, this timesheet can be used to report time by project.
More than a calculator of working hours, this free tool allows you to add hours as well as to have a consolidated table of your working time.