hris software, time and activity management

Simplified human resources management !

HRIS software

HRIS or Human Resources Information System refers to an IT tool that aims to automate all the HR and administrative processes of the company.
An HRIS Solution is composed of several software bricks allowing the monitoring and management of human resources.
To help companies in this task, JOUROFF software offers an adaptable and modular HR portal to better understand the constraints of each company.

HRIS software for working time management

HRIS JOUROFF software is used to manage the activities of employees.
The Solution offers several modules including time management and activities allowing a complete vision on times and activities.
One of the essential components in the management of human resources (HR) is the monitoring of employees' working time.

Generally, the time management process HR depends on the management rules put in place by each company.
This must also meet the rules of organization of working time provided for in the collective agreement of the company.
That's why HRIS JOUROFF software offers a customizable tool that every company can adapt according to its personnel management rules.

HRIS software for employees' working time

The duration of the work is governed by the collective agreement of the company.
In this context, the employee is subject to a working time in accordance with his contract.

To help companies in the organization of working time, the JOUROFF software offers automation of the HR process and monitoring of working hours.
The employee has a dedicated space allowing him to access time management tools and activity monitoring.
The Manager, for its part, accesses the dashboards powered by the HRIS tool for the purpose of managing the activity, including :

The validation of leave
monitoring leave balances
validation of timesheets and monitoring of hours
management of overtime meters
management of expense reports

HRIS software as a tool for time and activity management

The HRIS JOUROFF software offers a space that allows you to freely configure the various activities managed within the company.
This approach, which runs through the Activities Repository, allows great flexibility in the monitoring of times and activities.
Then you have the opportunity to organize your activities by portfolio of projects.

HRIS software for planning of activities

HRIS JOUROFF software is also specialized in activity planning and load plan management.
The tool also allows a comparison between the planned time and the time actually consumed.
To simplify the task in the field of activity planning, HRIS JOUROFF software provides several planning tools by which :

Holiday planning software and activities
the task organization tool for project management
the tool for delegation and monitoring tasks between employees
capacity planning software that assesses the allocation of resources by project