Time tracking software and project workload plan

Overview of working time and activity monitoring !

Shared interface working hours and management of activities
Breakdown of time spent by resource
Management by business : budget and project turnover
HR monitoring : leave management, time recovery
Project time management software shared with the modulation of working time
Resource management and forecast workload via project timesheet software

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JOUROFF was born of a simple idea...

In time management we can put several things, since the working time is also the time to pilot the projects or simply bill the customers.

The principle is simple : Modeling your data, before the graphical interface...

Even if nowadays the Software becomes a web service, at JOUROFF we first model your information system, thanks to an adaptable data format.
This approach guarantees better consideration of your profession, for time tracking, workload management or budget monitoring combined with time spent.

The time tracking software offers you a dashboard that allows you to :
Control the time spent by project or by client file
Measure the gap between the forecast and the real
Visualize the difference between orders and resources (oversized or undersized teams...)
Control Budget Tracking (cost, turnover)

Analytical monitoring of time spent

Project Progress

Why use the JOUROFF time tracking software ?

To avoid the multiplication of interfaces, JOUROFF offers to pool time monitoring...
Indeed, you feed a single source of information, namely the timesheet, this is enough for the time monitoring software to generate the HR indicators and time spent tracking

We offer you indicators like :

Time spent by client, project or team
Mastery of the following deviations: the time sold, the estimated time, the planned time, and the rest to be done
Indexing the time spent creating the budget tracking indicators, namely: cost per Employee, sales price, calculation of gross margin.

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Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning allows you to measure your production capacity against a workload.
You will highlight the size of your workforce.
Capacity management is an integral part of the time tracking software.

Budget monitoring

JOUROFF time tracking software offers a project budget monitoring tool suitable for IT projects, service delivery, project management...
We offer a dashboard for budget tracking, which allows to analyze the evolution of turnover by project, month by month.
The tool gives you the ability to define the project's costing elements, allowing you to track the remainder to be done, variances, cost, margin and other project budget tracking indicators.

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Further in charge plan management

Time management remains a critical factor in the success of your projects.
That's why the JOUROFF load plan management software offers an intuitive time management approach that involves modeling your activities as a portfolio of projects.
Then, through our different planning tools, each company has the opportunity to develop a load plan based on budget or workload.

What is a charge plan ?

A load plan is a summary of the rate of occupancy or availability of resources over a given period.
In a project monitoring context, a load plan evaluates the ability to consume a workload in relation to available resources.

Why develop a load plan ?

The advantage of setting up a load plan, also known as capacity management or capacity planning, is to optimize resources and anticipate the critical points on the smooth running of your project.
This avoids ending up with an over-sized or under-sized team in terms of numbers.
In this context, the company can anticipate, with full knowledge of the facts, a recruitment or training plan for employees.
The JOUROFF load plan software offers several tools to accomplish this task.

How to set up a charge plan ?

To have a better visibility on the occupation of your resources, it is necessary to integrate all the components of work organization, from the point of view, sales orders and human resources.
In practice, several information must be taken into account:
º the estimation of the workload by project portfolio
º the current workload of your resources
º leaves and absences
º business days and holidays

With regard to these different HR and Production components, the JOUROFF load plan management software offers an intuitive system based on an activity and project portfolio repository.

How it works ?

First of all, the load plan software JOUROFF proposes a concept called Repository of activities.
The latter allows to list the different "billable" or "non-billable" activities managed within your company.
Thanks to the Repository of activities, you benefit from a global vision on the management of activities.
Indeed, you visualize as a summary table or graph the time spent by project portfolio or team.

Time tracking and project portfolio management tool

The Repository of activities presented in the previous chapter can be categorized.
For example: Internal Company Activities, or by project portfolio dedicated to each client.
That's why we designed a project portfolio management software based on a Repository of activities.
Indeed the time tracking software relies on this Repository to define a database of activities, on which will be created the different portfolios of projects.

Planning and time tracking tools

The load plan management software JOUROFF offers several planning tools of the type: task organization, shared agenda, schedule or timesheets.
This multitude of planning tools gives the JOUROFF software the ability to adapt to several areas of activity.
More concretely, according to your organizational constraints, you can establish your load plan on the basis of information from the activity planning, the task management tool or via timesheets.

The time tracking software and management indicators

JOUROFF is an intuitive system based load plan software that generates activity tracking indicators without coding excel formulas.
All you have to do is fill in your schedule or timesheet, and you automatically access a dashboard with pre-built project tracking indicators.
You control the gap between the planned time and the actual time consumed per project portfolio.
But also indicators of budget monitoring and the rate of occupancy of resources over time (capacity planning).

PPM software and capacity planning tool

A load plan implies capacity management according to the workload to be performed.
JOUROFF imagined a capacity planning software that is intuitive.
The first step is to define project portfolios along strategic lines and prioritization.
In general, this task is up to the project manager.
On the operational team side, the task is to fill the activity planning, and automatically the load plan tool will produce a capacity planning on the occupation of the resources, while integrating the leaves, the days not worked thus than holidays.