Activities management, project monitoring and load plan

JOUROFF is a web-based planning and activity monitoring software adaptable to all domains.
This from an intuitive time management approach.

The principle is simple: I create a portfolio of projects, then I fill in my schedule or timesheets, and automatically I access the activity monitoring dashboard.

This dashboard allows :
Control the time spent by activity or by client file
Measure the gap between the forecast and the real
Visualize the difference between orders and resources (oversized or undersized teams...)
Control the impact on the payroll

Project Progress

Workload per employee

Why use JOUROFF's Time Tracking ?

Standardization of Time Tracking and Load Plan...
From your planning tool, you access the time metrics without coding statistical formulas.

We offer you indicators like :

Time spent by client, project or team
Mastery of the following deviations: the time sold, the estimated time, the planned time, and the rest to be done
Indexing the time spent creating the budget tracking indicators, namely: cost per Employee, sales price, calculation of gross margin.

Here is a brief overview :

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning allows you to measure your production capacity against a workload.
You will highlight the size of your workforce.

At JOUROFF it comes down to integrating two components :

(1) The reconciliation between the estimated load and the planned time.
The image below indicates a staffing at 48% compared to the estimated load.

(2) Resource occupancy rate

How to capture the info ?

JOUROFF puts at your disposal three sources of information :
> The calendar schedule
> Task Manager as Virtual Post-Its
> The timesheet considered as a tool for consolidating past time.

However, the Software is able to interface with a third-party ERP in API mode or via CSV import.

Now that you have captured the info...Automatically you access :

Budget monitoring

Cost and Sales Price per Resource or Activity

Gross margin

I'm going for it...