Resource Planning and Load Plan

Why use JourOff's Time Tracking ?

Standardization of Time Tracking and Load Plan...
From your planning tool, you access the time metrics without coding statistical formulas.

We offer you indicators like :

> Time spent by client, project or team
> Calculation of the planned time and comparison with the time spent
> Mastery of the following deviations: the time sold, the estimated time, the planned time, and the rest to be done
> Indexing the time spent creating the budget tracking indicators, namely: cost per Employee, sales price, calculation of gross margin.
> Establishment of Capacity Planning with automatic generation of the indicator Availability rate by team, and by period.

In practice :

Existing planning tools need to be combined with other BI tools and Excel spreadsheets to code formulas...That's why we've standardized Time Tracking and Load Plan Management.

How it works ?

I start by creating project portfolios, organizing them by client and batch, as appropriate.
And on a given project, the Solution offers two sources of data: Planning and Timesheet.
The schedule can be of type calendar, tool of organization of tasks...

Here is a brief overview :

I create a project

Assignment of chargeable days

Resource occupancy rate & Synchronization Leave

Time spent

Monitoring indicators

Load plan per employee

Budget monitoring

Cost and Sales Price per Resource or Activity

Gross margin

I'm going for it...