Calculation of overtime

This overtime simulator offers you a working time calculator in order to estimate your hourly quota in terms of credit for overtime acquired per week.
It offers you the possibility of applying any increases based on the rules for calculating working hours provided for in your collective agreement.

This 100% free online tool offers you several hourly calculation methods.
(1) You can directly declare the hourly volume corresponding to the hours worked per week.
(2) Or use the advanced hourly calculation mode to indicate date by date the overtime worked.
(3) Finally, the timesheet and activities mode which allows working time to be declared date by date, and the tool is responsible for determining overtime.

These options allow you to easily integrate the following parameters :
taking into account night hours
the calculation of overtime generated by specific days...For example: work on Sundays or public holidays.
the possibility of defining the hours entry mode, namely, the declaration of working hours cumulatively, or by specifying the start time and the end time.
PDF export of results for your HR monitoring

Who is this overtime calculator for ?

This online timesheet works like a calculator to add up working hours.
HR manager, accountant or employee, you can make simulations to calculate working hours.
Since tracking hours involves different calculation rules per company or per employee, this tool offers several calculators through the same interface.

Global overtime calculator

This simulator option allows you to quickly assess overtime by declaring the overall hourly volume.

Overtime calculator by date

This calculation method provides more precision on the dates and time slots at which the overtime worked.

Working time calculator

Some HR managers are required to assess working hours to determine the conditions for triggering overtime.
This simulator feature also allows you to use the calculator as a timesheet and activities.
This gives great computing power to this free online calculator.

Advanced simulator calculation mode

In order to take into account the specificities of each company, the calculator offers two hours entry modes, namely, the accumulation of hours over a day or even the declaration of the start time and the end time.
In both cases, the timesheet provides the total hours worked per week.
Like a real online calendar, thanks to this overtime simulator, you can browse by month or by year to make entries for the week that interests you.

Additional hours calculator

This calculator also allows you to take into account the calculation of additional hours.
As a reminder, we are talking about additional hours when a part-time employee works hours beyond his contractual working time.
These differ from overtime in terms of statutory regime and hourly quota.
On the other hand the principle of calculation is the same, namely, on the one hand the weekly working time provided for in the contract, and on the other hand, the application of a threshold making it possible to determine the hours beyond the contractual hours.
In all cases, the calculator offers you the possibility of dynamically defining the hourly and increase thresholds, depending on the type of contract.

Gross and net hourly rate calculator

The objective of this calculator is to provide you with an accounting of working hours and overtime without applying the wage rate.
In other words, the overtime simulator offers you hourly indicators...It is up to you to apply your wage rate in order to estimate your salary for overtime pay.
However, the calculator provides the result in the form of a summary table of gross overtime hours before application of the increase thresholds, but also overtime hours increased by time slot.