Collaborative Leave Management

My Leave

I do not request my leaves via a Leave Management Software...
It's not abstract, it's JOUROFF !
My leaves now go through a calendar system called J-Calendar

Me, Manager

I set up the settings that correspond to the constraints of the company

For each type of leave, I customize the display color

I go on leave, I delegate the validation to another colleague Manager.
During this period, all requests from my team members are redirected.

Leaves Dashboard

As a Manager I have a summary view on the leave situation of all teams.

Manager Validation

As an administrator I can consult the Management Space assigned to each Manager :
> Leave pending validation
> Validation members
> Delegation Managers

Operations on Leave Counters

> Adjustment : You can debit or credit a user's leave counter.
> Transfer: This involves transferring days from Account A to Account B

Export to a file

JOUROFF gives you the possibility to customize the format of the file to export :
> Header, date format etc.
> You define the order of the columns by dragging and dropping
Your file is customizable, you can import it into any Payroll Software.

Jour-OFF & Jour-ON

Thanks to our Reporting tool, we highlight, on the one hand, the days actually worked, and on the other hand, the days off.
We offer you an overview that allows :
> to control the legal periods of taking leave
> better organize the teams, following the peaks of activity

Leave Management Reporting

Three reasons to choose JOUROFF

> Saving time
> HR & Collaborative
> Ergonomics

I'm going for it...