The data generated by your resource planning tools, should not be put in the trash...We decrypt them !

The principle : From my planning or my project will naturally result a dashboard of activities, without the constraint of completing a report activity.

Our System allows you to access time measurement indicators, while identifying the resources involved.
That's what sets us apart from other Project Management Software, Planning Management, Task Management, found on the market.

With JOUROFF, you access the dashboards :
> Dedicated to each customer
> For Internal Company activities (E.g. Administrative tasks, Prototyping...)

According to several sources of data :
> Shared calendar system
> Planning tool
> The Project Tool
> Timesheets
> The collaborative task organization tool

Our approach is flexible.
Each company can thus adopt the tool that corresponds to its organizational constraints.


The case of a software publishing company.
Our system will be able to determine for a given period that the activity "Software Development" cost 100 days, 60 days dedicated to customer services and 40 days for internal projects (prototyping, studies, R & D).
And for greater transparency, we propose a detailed analysis.
Thus, you have a customer / activities distribution.
Example over the 60 days:
> Breizhoo Telecom: 15 days
> Bigouden Soft: 45 days

But also the distribution of employees who participated : Designer 20%, Developer Backend 40%, Developer Frontend 40%.