Collaborative tool for tasks organization

A tool and several modules to simplify the collaborative work.

I create a task I assign it or I delegate it to a colleague ... We work collaboratively.

Tasks organized by context or subject of work.

Visualize the progress of the tasks, according to the statuses "Not started", "In progress", "Completed".

From your browsing area, receive notifications whenever a task changes status.
No need to fetch information, it reaches you without constraint and without effort.

More interactivity between employees...The proof by example :

I am Mariah CARHAIX, commercial at JourOff
I combine Workspaces with CRM to drive my business prospecting contacts.

Thanks to JourOff, at a glance, I know the number of people I have planned to contact week by week.
The collaborative tool dimension allows my Manager to see if I have enough people to contact.

I am Stacy BREST of the Marketing Department

My Manager is him
Lately, it's hard to see to make a follow-up point, because Karl runs after time !
I decided to create dedicated Workspaces for my activities with Karl.
At the moment I have created two, the first is called "Trade show in Paris" and the second "Update conditions of sale".
Karl can view them from his desk because I offered him an invitation and he can give me feedback via the thread of comments.

I am Erwan PONTIVY, Geek at JourOff

Here is
Mark TREGASTEL my Project Manager.
Mark has his dashboard, but on my side I also need to organize myself.
Mark used to delegate tasks to me, which I decompose into sub-tasks to highlight the MVC paradigm, in short...a Geek trick !
So I decided to create a Workspace Dev Tasks.
I am led to delegate certain tasks of this Workspace to him

Nolan CROZON, another Geek, but he prefers to be called DevOps.

They trust us