In JOUROFF, there is a second dimension that is data optimization.
The fact is that...Today from one Planning to another, the data are not used.
These data are not intended to be outdated in time, because they allow to follow the evolution of the activity.

That's why we developed an HR Analytics approach to value the data generated by the activities.

We recycle data
No need for a statistician, we add an extra intelligence to resource planning tools (Calendar, Planning, Project, Collaborative tool for organizing tasks)...Simply because we do not put the data in the trash.

The organizational tool is part of the day-to-day work of the employee, so to anticipate training needs or improve recruitment, JOUROFF will allow you to capture signals thanks to advanced Reporting.

An HR analytics tool is a decision support tool that is based on existing HR-centric organization data.
Indeed JOUROFF is a collaborative work organization space with an HR dimension.
We integrate natively the data analysis from the resource planning tools we propose, namely :
> Shared agenda
> Team planning
> Project Management & Agile Method
> Collaborative tool for organizing tasks

Using an API, our system can also connect to third party planning tools to apply the data analysis algorithm.

You will not see your calendars, schedules and projects in the same way !

We add an extra intelligence to them so we do not put the data in the trash.

Our system allows :
> The distribution of the Internal Activities and Customer Activities.
> Time / Activity decomposition by service, month by month, or over several years.
> A dashboard dedicated to each customer or employee to visualize his activities or projects.

For the company the benefits are many :
> Follow the changing needs of customers
> Anticipate market changes
> Anticipate the training needs of employees
> Improve recruitment
> Better evaluate and manage talent
> Support the innovation capacity of employees

Distribution of activities

Time spent per customer