No more repetitive calculations, which take up too much time.

It seems that Digital is for large structures !
JOUROFF offers you the opportunity to take the plunge.

Included in this offer :
> Leave & Absence Management
> Manage working days
> Manage Part time employees
> Standard Leave Setting: Paid Leave, Sick Leave, Family Leave
> Automation of the Validation Process
> Email notification, multiple levels of validation
> Operations on leave counters : debit, credit, transfer
> Managers profile : who validates the leave of who...
> Employed activities: as Manager I access employee leave counters

Not included in this offer :

> Other specific leave
> Excel exports
> Shared Agenda
> Time sheets
> Management of activities


Less than 10 employees and be based in France.
Via this form , submit your email address and your company register number.
In return, you receive by mail, a link to start.