JOUROFF STARTER 100% FREE, no credit card

No more repetitive calculations, which take up too much time.

It seems that Digital is for large structures !
JOUROFF offers you the opportunity to take the plunge.

Included in this offer :
> Automation of leave counters
> The schedule of leave
> Time Management and Activities
> Management of overtime

> Collaborative Delegation Space & Task Tracking (**), with the modules :
I create a task I assign it or I delegate it to a colleague ... We work collaboratively.

Tasks organized by context or subject of work.

Visualize the progress of the tasks, according to the statuses "Not started", "In progress", "Completed".

From your browsing area, receive notifications whenever a task changes status.
No need to fetch information, it reaches you without constraint and without effort.

(**) TASK STARTER: Limited version of the tasks organization module.
18 tasks per user, including 2 Workspaces => 2 * 6 tasks, and 6 Quick Task..

Not included in this offer :

> Excel exports
> Shared Agenda
> Team planning on calendar events
> Customer Dashboards
> Reporting


Less than 15 employees and be based in France.
Via this form , submit your email address + company register number.
In return, you receive by mail, a link to start.